Monday, September 27, 2010

the mid-autumn day

In china, mid-autumn day is a festival that families get together in August 15th on the lunar calendar. But this year, our whole family celebrated the mid-autumn day abroad, in Calgary.
In the past years, our big families often got together and had dinner during festivals for as far as I can remember. There are seventeen people in my family. I have a grandma and a grandpa, four uncles and ants, an elder bother, two younger sisters, and a younger brother.Of course, western will call them my cousins. And I have lived with my parents and my grandparents since I was ten years old. We lived together happily in harmony. But when I was in grade three, my elder brother's family moved to Beijing, and they come back to met everyone only one or two times every year,even less. So sometimes my grandparents went to Beijing when they missed my elder brother. Now he studies in the USA. In addition, the elder one of my younger sister and her family has been in Calgary for five years. So the people who can get together were less and less year by year. Meanwhile there was always someone absent when we have dinner during festivals. That's a pity!
And now, I am one of the people who are absent. In Calgary, few people celebrate the mid-autumn day. And the moon cake is too expensive for us! So we ate sweet dumplings instead. In fact, that's a common day except that my parents went out to watch the full moon.
In China, people always say that the moon in the 16th is rounder than that in the 15th.So I took pictues for the moon the next day.
It was the most boring mid-autunm day I have ever experienced.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nancy in Calgary

From China to Canada,it is a long distance and it took me long time.When the plane arrived,I only felt terrible,because I was airsick,and it was black in my head.
I found that I left my family and my friends behind and came to a very strange place.Fortunately,my parents came with me.What's more,we live in my aunt's house with my aunt and my cousin,a sister who is younger than me by one year.
At first,I only stayed at home,because I thought that there was nothing to do for me.Besides,my English is  poor,so I was afraid to talk with others in English.Then I have made many Chinese knots during those days.And I watched the TV programmes for kids,but I can hardly understand them.  A few days later, my parents connected the university so that I could have the EAP classes after some exams.
Oh,I'm not free now.I I should go to school from Monday to Thursday.And on Friday,we study online.In fact, that's quite fine.It's much better than the study in my highschool.We must go to school before 7:00 a.m,and we couldn't go home until 9:50 p.m.We have rests every two weeks,but when we were in grand 12,we have only two days off every month.So I feel pleased now.
I like to study here.