Sunday, October 17, 2010

Trip to Banff

The Saturday before last Saturday, my parents and I made a trip to Banff where is so beautiful. Mentions Banff, everyone says "Oh! That is a beautiful place. You'd better go there and enjoy yourself." We had heard these since we came to Calgary. So, we decided to hire a driver who is also a guide to take us on a tour of Banff.
We started at 8:00 a.m. with some food and drink. I was lying on my mother’s thigh during the way because I am easy to be carsick. It took us one and a half hours. Then I found that the mountains are so high; as a result, they block the sunshine. When I got off the car, it was so chill that I was shivering. To my surprise, there were still few people in the trousers that are shorter than their knees! And the tops of mountains are covered with snows that make them look like ice creams! In addition, the water in the lake is blue-green with the inverted reflection of the white mountains. The scenery is very attractive so we took many pictures. Our first view spot is the Moraine Lake where has appeared in the back of the Canadian twenty-dollar bill. Then we go to Lake Louise that is named for the Princess Louise, fourth daughter of Queen Victoria of England. At that time, the sun has risen, so we felt warmer J. After made photos, we headed for the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel. In front of the hotel are some poppies that I had never seen before, because people don’t allow planting poppies in China. And many stores sold interesting things in the hotel, including clothes, ice-wines, jewels, fossil, and so on. We went to another place before we had lunch. It was amazing that two girls sat on the top of a car playing a guitar and singing wonderful songs. Then we went to take the Banff Gondola. We four stayed in the box that was hanging in the air, looking out of the window. There we can see the Bow River and some golf courses. On the top of that mountain is a small stone house. It used to be a spot to observe weather. Then we went to see the Bow Falls and Cascades Ponds. There was a small rainbow over the running water. We also saw the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel from another mountain. And it looked like a beautiful castle shining in the sun.
After that, my one-day trip was finished. I was so happy that I wasn’t carsick when we were back. I think Banff National Park is a wonderful place. I feel like going there again after I earn money because the remembrances there are so cute!