Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Recentely I always wonders whether I should go on studying linc at ninght.  You know, I study in EAP class in the daytime from Monday to Thursday.  Meanwhile, I also go to the linc class from Monday to Thureday.  The class lasts two and a half hours, but I have to spend more than an hour on the bus.      (>﹏<Inaddition, I have learnt most of the knowledge that they teach because they use the same book as the EAP class!  Sometimes we just talk. I think half time maybe useless for me!  What's more, it will be 20:50 when I get home, so I can't sleep as early as I used to.  As a result, I gave up some EAP homework (like bloging) (^) or I would fall asleep the next day.
However, I could learn some new volcabulary and know something about Canada.  That’s pretty good.  I need to practice speaking English there, too.  BUT I can't pay attention to both of them now.

Frequently I must go when I just stayed at home for less than one hour.  I often eat dinner in a hurry, then run!
Oh~~~~I don’t know how could I do!!  Could you help me? (x__x)   

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