Monday, November 22, 2010

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Everyone has both sides!
. . . . . .
After read the book <The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde> that our teacher told us to, I am more sure that everyone has a dark side, and you don't know when he will burst out!
JekyllJekyll Hyde~ Jekyll HydeHyde Jekyll~

This video is sooooo interesting~~~

one day i went to the library
i found this book it was great
it was so cool i couldnt put it down
even when it got pretty late!

that night i had a scary dream
i mixed my own secret potion
added dirt, a bit o' sludge some eyes of flies
and a tiny dab of sun-tan-lotion

i started shaking, my legs were quaking!
my stomach aching, my brain was breaking!
i started turning green, feeling mean
it was like in that story
i was acting strange, quite daranged
it was pure alagory!

alagory: a story where the characters stand for absract ideas
for example-good and evilcuz i was

jekyll, jekyll HYDE jekyll HYDE HYDE jekyll
jekyll jekyll HYDE jekyll HYYYYYYYDE!!!! (X2)

when i awoke i was me again
i hid the book out of sight
it was so cool i couldnt keep away
so i took it out again that night!

and then i dreamed we had this test in school
i gotta say it was weird
we had to give the answers in semiform
and for extra credit grow a beard

i couldnt take it, just couldnt take it!
in one swift motion i grabbed my potion!
i said mister hyde has arrived,
tossed my flags on the floor
made a major speech,
told the teach this is all a big bore!
ran down all the halls, wrote on walls
even stole second base!
i was super bad, sure was glad
i wasnt wearin my face
cuz i was


this is too much, i simply had to stop!
i threw that potion away(potion away)!
but it didnt matter if i drank the stuff
i just kept on changing anyway(changing anyway)!
now i was


just when it seemed there was no way out,
i saw the book was overdue
the booklady said 'are you returning?'
i thought and i said 'no, RENEW!!!!'

{refrain}X1 1/2

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