Monday, November 1, 2010

my cousin's birthday party

October 6th is my cousin's birthday. But she couldn't celebrate it because it was Wednesday. So she decided to invite some friends to home on Saturday. Then our whole people prepared for the party. On Friday, we cleaned our home. I pick up too many hair on carpet and most of them were mine. And we cleaned our bed to make living room tidy. At night, we bought some snacks in superstore. In Saturday morning, my aunt made some fried noodles for us. And she didn't finished until 11:30a.m. Because my cousin told them to come at 10:30. So I was afraid the guests would come before we got ready. Fortunately, they were all late! Then my aunt and my parents went out to leave us enough room.
First of all, we ate some noodles and fruit with chocolate. Then they started to make up Susan who is always being tortured by them. What I did was watching the poor girl. They use the green eyeshadow to paint one of he eyes, and another eye was in black! When they finished their work, it looked like someone had hit here! And it took her almost a quarter to clean up! After that, we took many pictures in variety of poses. It is mentionable that my cousin had commanded her friends to come in skirts. And half of them followed her. At last, we watched a movie. In addition, I had blew seventeen balloons before,so when they were leaving, we trod down most of the balloons. And the rest are still there in our home.


  1. That's so nice that you could have such a wonderful party for your cousin!

  2. that's very nice nancy keep going and when my birthday coming you must make a party for me,lol :)

  3. your topic so beautiful ....^-^