Sunday, November 28, 2010

the last week

I can't believe next week will be my last week in EAP 1!  When Scott told us the news, I was socked, and then I was a little sad.  I felt like crying. ::><::
This is my first class in Calgary.  I made many new friends from different countries, and I learned something about other cultures.  It is fascinating that you know the thing that you have never heard but is common for someone.  On Heritage day, I tasted a variety of food, which made me so happy.      
In addition, Scott is my first teacher in Calgary, who is very interesting and enthusiastic, and always makes us happy in classes.  My English teacher in high school doesn’t always smile and she is critical.  She was always in bad mood before important exams.  I don’t like her, so I also hate English.  Now I don’t hate English so much because Scott is so likable.  I still remember some anecdotes.  Here is an example:
In a grammar class, Scott taught us that must not put a comma in some sentences. Then he asked us seriously: "Do you know what will happen if you put a comma here?"  We shook our heads. " Do you know the little cute rabbit jumping in the campus?" We nodded. Scott cried:" One of them will die!!!" (. |||)

All in all, I like this class (but I don’t want to learn EAP 1 again), though I may meet my classmates in EAP 2, Scott won’t continue to teach us.         ( ╯0╰ ) I will remember this short class!

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  1. I'm glad that you liked the class and that you remembered some of my stories. I'm sure no one wants the cute little rabbits to die! By the way, I'm kind of like your English teacher in China . . . I'm cranky before important exams too. I just try to hide it!