Saturday, November 27, 2010

I can cook!

When I was a student in china, I had never cooked, because I don't need to do and I had no time to do.  Everyday when I get home, the meal was ready.  If I was in school, I can buy food in canteens.
But it is different now.  I live with my aunt who is always busy.  Sometimes my cousin and I should cook by ourselves in the weekends.  In addition, sometimes my aunt goes home a little late, and if I wait for her cooking I won't go to study linc on time.  Therefore, I have learnt a little about how to cook.  Now I can cook several dishes, for example rice fried with eggs, stir-fried cabbage, tomato fried with eggs, unleavened pancake, and noodles.
I don't usualy cook.  Once my noodles looked ugly, though it tasted not bad, my cousin refused to eat more.  However, they agree that my rice fried with eggs is good, both looks and tastes. \( ̄ ˇ )>
Step by step, I like to cook now. When I am at home alone, I may try something new, such as deep-fried rice pancake today. ╰()╭  It looked different from rice fried with eggs, but I used the same material, so my cousin said “You can only cook the rice fried with eggs!”//(T o T)// 


  1. that's good for you nancy
    me too, i didn't use to cook before but know i have learned cooking some dishes because i have to

  2. This is the first time to learn that rice cook with eggs.