Thursday, November 25, 2010

heritage day

Yesterday, November 24th, is heritage day on which people bring their own food to share with each other.  I have been looking forward to it since our teacher told us last month.  You know why. (^ 0 ^)
In order to avoid getting up early and moving tables, I cook rice balls at home in the morning.  I got school about 11:45 with the food that is still warm. But it seemed that I was a little late, because some dishes are almost empty!  They had started eating before I arrived, so someone was already full.  As a result, nobody paid attention to my rice balls, and only three of them were eaten, which make me disappointed. 
Then we EAP1 students took pictures shouting "cheese!”  Scott was so popular that everyone expected him to take part in his or her pictures.  While they were busy taking photos, I was busy eating.  However, I tried to taste every dish that looks good.  Some food is really delicious, but some is strange.     (><) When I spooned some green and strange substance that I can’t tell what it is, my friends came and asked me “Do you want to have a taste?  Are you sure?”  Then I became hesitant.  “That tastes terrible!  You will regret if you eat!” They said.  Finally, I gave up, but now, I’m a little bit regret, and I wondering how terrible it is?
What’s more, our teacher told us to mingle with others, which is a little hard.  We need their sign names on blue papers that were collected today for a lottery.  I found that the papers that were folded less had more chance to be pick out, because Scott took out five papers totally, and two of them hadn’t been folded, two were bolded once, one was bolded twice, but most of us bolded the papers twice.  En~~
I’ve never been in a real party before, and I was happy yesterday.  I hope there are many delicious parties in the future.  What’s more, I was so full that I didn’t need to eat dinner! (__∩)y